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The "Best Practices for Vent/Trach Weaning" provides clinical guidelines that Vapotherm compiled based on a roundtable discussion with RT Directors and Program Managers at Gaylord Specialty Hospital, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, Florida Hospital at Connerton, and Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida. The participating facilities indicated to Vapotherm that they follow these guidelines within their facilities to help improve patient outcomes.  

Included in the guide: 

  • Training the transport team
  • Ensuring a holisitic approach to patient care
  • Use of humidification to prepare patients for improved decannulation success

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* The Best Practices for Vent/Trach Weaning guideline represents a compilation of recommendations from five LTACHs that participated in a round table discussion with Vapotherm. Vapotherm does not practice medicine or provide medical services.  Providers should refer to the full indications for use and operating instructions of any products referenced in the guideline before prescribing them.