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Unmasking COPD Exacerbations

A Guide to Mask-Free NIV® for COPD Patients

Unmasking COPD Exacerbations eBook


Written by clinicians for clinicians, the eBook "Unmasking COPD Exacerbations" delves into the treatment of COPD patients using Vapotherm high velocity therapy.

You will hear from Respiratory Therapists, Nurses, Doctors, and Research Scientists on the latest clinical evidence and best practices.

This eBook includes articles on:

  • "What is Mask-Free NIV?" by John Walsh, CRT
  • "COPD Patients and Wound Care Implications with High Velocity Therapy" by Jeanne Pettinichi, MSN, RN, CPN, CPEN
  • "Treating COPD Patients with High Velocity Therapy" by Kirk Hinkley, MD, FACEP
  • "Ventilatory Support via an Open System - How Does it Work?" by Amrit Kahlon, MD
Vapotherm’s high velocity therapy is a tool for treating respiratory distress. Vapotherm does not practice medicine or provide medical services or advice, any clinical recommendations provided herein are solely those of the speaker. Practitioners should refer to the full indications for use and operating instructions of any products referenced before use. All contributors are employees of Vapotherm.